Growing opportunities for Kentucky's corn farmers in a changing industry. 

Tripp Furches

Ky Farm Bureau Appointed


Danny Wilkinson

Ky Farm Bureau Appointed


Richard Strode

Ky Dept. of Agriculture Appointed


Joseph Sisk

KyCorn Appointed Member


Ray Allan Mackey

Financial Agent


Russel Schwenke 

KyCorn Appointed Member

Union (Boone Co.)

Philip McCoun



The Kentucky Corn Promotion Council is a board of seven farmers from across the state: 4 are elected by the Kentucky Corn Growers’ Association Board of Directors, 2 are appointed by the Kentucky Farm Bureau president, and 1 appointed by the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture. This producer council, with the assistance of the KyCGA, has the mission of increasing the profitability of all Kentucky corn producers. They do this by developing and maintaining new and existing markets for corn and corn products.

The Kentucky Corn Promotion Council collects and administers a .0025 checkoff, which is remitted on corn sold in the Commonwealth. This special fund makes much needed market development, promotion, education, and research possible, all which benefit the Kentucky corn industry, agriculture, and economy.

Kentucky Corn Promotion Council