2016 Kentucky Corn Yield Contest Winners

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Kentucky Corn Yield Contest

Entry Form and Rules - Due November 14

​National Corn Yield Contest Results are In

The results of the National Corn Yield Contest have been posted. While Kentucky farmers were not among the national winners, they made a good showing among their regional peers. The following are the first through third place entries in Kentucky for each of the four categories. 

A Non-Irrigated Category:
1 - Chris Creech of Ohio/Hancock Co. - 255.5984 bu/A using AgriGold A6659 VT2/RIB
2 - Reba Griffth of Graves Co. - 248.3532 bu/A using DEKALB DKC66-59RIB
3 - Jackie Sparks of Daviess Co. - 247.9101 bu/A using DEKALB DKC2-08RIB

A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated:
1 - Kevin Smith of Shelby Co. - 253.1268 bu/A using Wyffels Hybrids W7736RIB 
2 - Paul Fullenwider of Daviess Co. - 251.5516 bu/A using Pioneer P1197AM
* Kevin Smith of Shelby Co. - 247.4871 bu/A using Wyffels Hybrids W7886RIB  
3 Jerry Griffith of Graves Co. - 242.9269 bu/A using DEKALB DKC67-72

No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated:
1 Don Halcomb of Logan Co. - 262.6784 bu/A using Pioneer P1602 
2 John Griffith of Graves Co. - 251.6998 bu/A using DEKALB DKC67-72 
3 Steve Hunt of Christian Co. - 248.0006 bu/A using DEKALB DKC67-72RIB

1 Phillip Meredith of Henderson Co. - 276.8313 bu/A using AgriGold A6499 STX/RIB
* Phillip Meredith of Henderson Co. - 273.6492 bu/A using Pioneer P1197AM
2 Lea Meredith of Henderson Co. - 272.5964 bu/A using DEKALB DKC62-08RIB
3 Russell & Bob Schwenke of Boone Co. - 268.8315 bu/A using Pioneer P1311AM

All State Winners

Winners of the Kentucky Corn Yield Contest, which is administered by the University of Kentucky, will be announced next month. Those farmers will be honored at the Kentucky Commodity Conference. NCYC state winners will be honored at the Commodity Classic in San Antonio.