Fuel ethanol remains a significant market for the growing corn supply, and KyCorn works to ensure this market remains strong for our growers. Even among the production challenges of weather and pests, corn farmers continue to produce enough corn for livestock feed, food, and clean-burning, American Ethanol. 

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By using American Ethanol, NASCAR is demonstrating ethanol's superior performance not only to the NASCAR audience, but to the broader public as well. A 15% blend of ethanol uses 50% more homegrown fuel than the current E10 standard blend in the U.S. NASCAR is leading by example by utilizing Sunoco Green E15 race fuel, showing that American ethanol-blended fuel works. 

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American Ethanol is the title sponsor of the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail, as well as a sponsor of 2 angler teams. KyCorn and TnCorn team up through the KY/TN championship to work with local media and leaders to explain how E10 is not only safe in marine engines, but share the many other benefits of the ethanol fuel.


The Preparing Vehicle Technicians for Advanced Transportation Fuels Project is an initiative designed to develop an advanced transportation technology training program at Owensboro Community and Technical College. The program is the first college program in the state and the nation to offer technician training in all of the advanced transportation-alternative fuel vehicle technologies.

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