Kentucky Corn Facts

Corn continues to be a top Kentucky crop in terms of acres and cash receipts. 

Corn production in Kentucky for 2017 was reported at 217 million bushels. Average yield was estimated at 178 bushels per acre (record high). Acres for harvest as grain were estimated at 1.22 million acres.


Between 40 and 50% of the Kentucky corn crop is fed to livestock. Poultry in Kentucky consume about 45 million bushels alone. Beef and dairy cattle and hogs are also important Kentucky corn consumers.


From the 12 million bushels of corn used annually to produce fuel ethanol, 107,000 tons of distiller's grains are produced, which is also fed to livestock and poultry.

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Another 15-20 million bushels of corn is utilized by Kentucky's bourbon and spirits industry.
(Source: Kentucky Distillers Association)

Kentucky is also home to a thriving food processing industry, where corn is ground for grits, corn bread mixes, tortillas, and taco shells. No statistical data available. 

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About 35 million bushels were exported in 2016 (Source: US Grains Council). Any additional corn is stored or fed to on-farm livestock. 

Kentucky’s family corn farmers are producing twice as much corn as they did in the early 1900’s—on two-third’s less land.

95% of Kentucky’s corn farms are family owned, and many of the remaining 5% are partnerships between family members.


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Corn Uses

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