KyCorn is also a member of the Waterways Council to ensure the viability of our inland water transportation system.

Promotes poultry and egg exports

Promotes red meat exports

Promotes export of corn and 
corn by-products overseas.


The Kentucky Corn Growers’ Association partners with several national organizations to extend our corn producers’ reach beyond Kentucky’s borders and create market share and leverage nationally and worldwide.

Local Markets

KyCorn continues to look at ways to increase the amount of corn used within the Commonwealth. Following a successful investment in the Commonwealth Agri-Energy ethanol facility, leaders are now turning their attentions to other areas for market development, such as Kentucky's bourbon and food industries.

Bourbon & Spirits
It is estimated that more than 15 million bushels of corn are consumed by local distillers, but not all of that corn is grown in state. KyCorn is committed to working with this specialized industry that could provide a unique marketing opportunity for our Kentucky growers.

Food Industries
There are a number of mills, bakeries and food processors that call Kentucky home. KyCorn is interested in finding new marketing opportunities for our Kentucky corn growers in this industry, which could include food-grade hybrids or development of quality characteristics.

KyCorn realizes that transportation methods are a key ingredient in being able to get Kentucky corn to Kentucky markets, and is dedicated to making sure infrastructure and policy remain sound for growers and end-users. 

Where Does Kentucky

Corn Go?

70 Million Bushels
(45 Million Bushels go to the

Poultry industry alone)

30 Million Bushels
Food Industry

15 Million Bushels
Bourbon & Spirits

12 Million Bushels
Fuel Ethanol

~50 Million Bushels
Exported Out of State

Market Development

Growing opportunities for Kentucky's corn farmers in a changing industry.