Purdue University Analysis Confirms Potential Economic Fallout from Changes to RFS

Economists at Purdue University have analyzed the potential economic implications of a price cap on RINs in conjunction with an E15 RVP waiver. Their analysis finds that a price cap—even when paired with an RVP waiver--would prevent achievement of the objectives of the Renewable Fuel Standard, reduce overall biofuel blending, and halt investment in higher blend infrastructure.

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County Corn Production Estimates for 2017

USDA-NASS released county production estimates for corn in 2017. Christian County is the leading corn producing county in Kentucky for 2017, with production totaling 13,957,000 bushels, harvested from 73,100 acres. Wayne County took the top corn yield spot in 2017, producing 205 bushels per acre and the first time a county average corn yield has exceeded 200 bushels.

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