CORE Farmer Program Class IV Opens with Farmer Advice


Class 4 of the CORE Farmer Program kicked off in December with Session 1 in Cadiz. Veteran farmers Tripp Furches, Phillip Bean and Joseph Sisk led off on the agenda by sharing their wisdom in a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Chad Lee entitled "My Biggest Mistake."

"I'm very appreciative of the time these farmers took to share the lessons they've learned to help our generation avoid mistakes," said Class 4 member Bryan Kuegel of Daviess Co. "Most impactful was the advice to remember to keep family first." 
The agenda also featured Dr. Steve Isaacs; he shared trends and statistics about cycles in the grain market over the past century. The task of these young farmers will be to manage those cycles with innovation and perseverance. Dr. Isaacs also moderated a panel discussion of ag lenders and led a seminar on crop budgeting.

Dr. Chad Lee wrapped up the session with a discussion about corn plant history and an in-depth presentation on plant physiology. 

Session 2 will be held in January; the topics will be human resources and management, and then for the remaining 5 sessions, the program will follow a strict agronomy curriculum.

COREJennifer Elwell