Roberts, NCGA Risk Management Action Team Members Address Grower Needs


This week, newly elected KyCorn President Mark Roberts met with his fellow growers and Corn Grower staff for a Risk Management Action Team meeting in Washington D.C. The team discussed the tax plan and how it will affect farmers as well as issues within the Farm Bill, such as base acres, ARC, PLC and crop insurance. 

Roberts took the information collected at last fall's Farm Bill Listening Sessions to share how Kentucky farmers feel about different risk management programs. 

"Our needs do not always match up with the needs of the Corn Belt majority," said Roberts,  "but I feel it is important to share our voice on these important issues."

He also encourages our members and growers to follow the issues and be ready to make phone calls to lawmakers when the need arises. 

Thank you, Mark, for being a voice for Kentucky corn growers.