Promoting Ethanol in the Water and Beyond


This weekend, KyCorn is participating for a third year in the American Ethanol - Ethanol Fueled with Pride Crappie Masters Kentucky /Tennessee Tournament at Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. KyCorn co-sponsors the event with Commonwealth Agri-Energy to address ethanol use in marine engines with the fishing public. 

"The boating and sport fishing industry has long been a target of misinformation about E10 compatibility with marine engines, and while it's a relatively small group of fuel users, they are very outspoken and passionate about their toys," explained Adam Andrews, KyCorn Programs Director.  "A respectful and truthful dialogue about how ethanol is perfectly safe is necessary for us to advance our priorities as ethanol blends become a more prominent fuel option. The Crappie Masters partnership has proved to be an excellent platform for such a discussion."

Several media interviews and promotions are scheduled throughout the weekend. The newspaper in Paris, TN, tournament headquarters, published an editorial by CAE's general manager Mick Henderson, where he shared the benefits of ethanol on the road and the water. 

KyCorn has also teamed with several state corn boards and the Renewable Fuels Association to work with Paul Jr. Designs to conceive of and fabricate a signature motorcycle that runs on ethanol.


After a six-year hiatus from reality TV, the legendary motorcycle craftsmen are returning to Discovery Channel with the premiere of AMERICAN CHOPPER on May 27. The ethanol-powered signature, one-of-a-kind masterpiece will be featured in the new series. KyCorn's John Danesi and CAE's Mick Henderson attended the unveiling last month, but we can't show you any pictures until the show airs. 

"It was exciting to see Paul Jr. ride this custom bike from behind the silos into the crowd of over 500 other motorcycle riders," said Danesi. "It is a good-looking bike.  This program should provide great opportunities for more discussion on the value of ethanol."

E10 (10% ethanol) has been used in motorcycles as a safe and cost saving alternative to straight gasoline for decades. In fact, every motorcycle manufacturer endorses the use of E10, while some approve the use of even higher blends. The homegrown fuel provides the high octane that many bikers want. It burns cooler, cleaner and is made from renewable resources grown by hardworking rural Americans.

"RFA has been fighting the misinformation campaign surrounding ethanol in motorcycles for years, and this is our next step," said RFA Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White. "Partnering with Paul Jr. Designs allowed us to create a unique tool to further carry our message and ensure that the quality of the design and build is unmatchable. Combined with the global brand and broadcast power of American Chopper, our message will be loud and clear. We are extremely pleased to be working with Paul and his team at Paul Jr. Designs and look forward to years of using this motorcycle," he added.