KyCorn, NCGA commend efforts to protect the RFS

On Tuesday of this week, the White House announced postponement of a compromise that had been considered which would have contained potentially damaging changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Reportedly, the “deal” would have established RVP parity for ethanol blends above E10 (a large priority for ethanol interests) to allow year round sales of E15, in exchange for establishing a system to attach RINs to ethanol exports (which has been a desire for some refiners).  


Ky Corn President and Henry County farmer Mark Roberts praised the decision to not move forward:

“President Trump has clearly stated that he believes an RVP waiver should be extended to allow E15 to be marketed year round and EPA should fix that regulation now,” said Roberts. “He’s made this commitment unequivocally and without reference to demand destruction that would come with attaching RINs to ethanol exports. We’ve analyzed it backwards and forwards, any such ‘deal' would not be a win-win from farmers’ perspective. ”


NCGA President and North Dakota farmer Kevin Skunes thanked those who stood up for America’s corn farmers:

“The nation’s corn growers thank Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Joni Ernst and USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue for their advocacy and steadfast support for farmers, rural communities and renewable fuels. We greatly appreciate their efforts,” Skunes said. “With the expectation that the Administration was preparing to take drastic actions to unravel the RFS, farmers are very pleased those actions have been set aside and strongly encourage the Administration to keep the President’s commitment to America’s farmers and leave the RFS intact.”