State Fair Corn Maze Took Public on Field to Fork Journey

Nearly 50,000 people, young and old, made their way through the Field to Fork Corn Maze during the 11-day run of the Kentucky State Fair. This was a joint promotion and education project supported by KyCorn, Kentucky Pork Producers, Kentucky Poultry Federation, and the Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom.

Once inside the maze, fair goers navigated a path that showed them how corn is grown, harvested, and then used to feed Kentucky’s livestock. From there, the correct path took them from farmer to processor to plate while including important information about animal care, food safety and quality.

School-aged kids were also asked several questions about what they read within the maze in order to receive a promotional prize.

The corn maze was just one of the new additions to Kentucky State Fair’s AgLand exhibit. New association exhibitors joined the fun in South Wing A, and a new stage provided a place for demonstrations, talks, and forums.

Grain growers were able to discuss how farming has changed for them over the years, as well as the biggest challenges they face. A huge thank you goes to Bob Wade from Sonora for representing KyCorn.


The Grain Panel at AgLand was moderated by Jennifer Elwell and featured Bob Wade (Sonora), Stephanie Halcomb (Schochoh), and Caleb Ragland (Magnolia).


Former KyCorn executive director Todd Barlow stopped by to view the maze with current exec Laura Knoth.

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