ACTION ALERT - NCGA encourages all members to comment on EPA’s Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) for the upcoming year. 
The deadline to submit comments is August 17! Learn more about this issue.

KyCorn Urgent Action Request on March 9, 2018

KyCorn Information Alert on March 1, 2018

NCGA Action Alert, “Mr. President, Don’t Cap Our Future” - March 10, 2018

What's the Deal with RINs, March 9, 2018
Read this for a basic explanation of the purpose of RINs and how they impact farm income.  

March 1, 2018 “Sense of the Corn Congress” policy statement

March 15, 2018, letter to President Trump from 6 Mid-West Governors

“Perdue urges Trump to oppose renewable–credit price caps - E&E News, March 20, 2018

Cruz's One-Man Energy Crusade, Star-Telegram, March 20, 2018


Statements from Organizations Opposing RINs Cap Deal

NCGA: RFS Tinkering Would Deal Substantive Blow to Farmers

ASA: American Soybean Association Strongly Opposes RIN Cap

RFA: Statement on White House Meeting

Growth Energy: Statement on White House Meeting

American Coalition for Ethanol: ACE Thanks Members, Senators for Strong RFS Support

Dear Colleague Letter from General Managers 150 Biofuel Production Facilities


Articles & Resources

February 26 Letter to President
This letter was sent to the White house by National Corn, American Soybean, American Farm Bureau and others on February 26.  It officially states the farm industry’s united opposition of artificial RINs price adjustment. 

University of Illinois (2/28/18): The Grand Bargain? Trading an E15 RVP Waiver for a RINs Price Cap
University of Illinois evaluates the effect; “The picture that emerges from this analysis of a “grand bargain” over RFS is one where the impact of an RVP waiver for E15 would be vastly smaller than the impact of a 10 cent per gallon RINs price cap.”

Purdue (3/6/2018): Impacts of Options for Modifying the Renewable Fuel Standard
Purdue University believes that trading a RINs price cap for RVP waiver would be a net loss for ethanol: “Our conclusion is quite simple.  Any of the options employing a RIN price cap would prevent achieving the objectives of the RFS.  The year-round RVP waiver for E15 would do little to ameliorate the situation in the near term.”

Iowa State (3/2/2018): E15 and E85 Demand Under RIN Price Caps  and an RVP Waiver 
Iowa State’s Center for Agriculture and Rural Development weighs in on what a RINs Price X RVP Waiver deal would mean: “A cap on D6 RIN prices between $0.10/gal to $0.20/gal would likely reduce the effective ethanol mandate from 15 billion gallons to about $14.3 billion gallons in 2018.  Unless increased ethanol exports compensate for the reduced mandate, corn prices would decrease under the proposals D6 price cap.”

Perdue Says He Stands With the RFS; Grassley Says Schooling Is Needed
Coverage of Secretary Perdue reiterating support for the RFS, but reportedly downplaying the fatal effect of a RINs cap on the RFS.

Year-Round E15 Sales Would Reduce Biofuel Credits Costs 
Background information rebutting the failure of PES (the bankrupt refinery in PA) was caused by the RFS, and explaining how RVP waiver would lower RIN prices

Cruz on RFS Offensive
This DTN article is lengthy, but it unpacks the entire situation. For a very good, brief, analysis of how the PES bankruptcy was about mismanagement, not expensive RINs, scroll down to the subsection “PES FINANCIAL DEMISE”

Ethanol industry speaks out against PES anti-RFS rally
To understand more on the what ethanol proponents’ research has uncovered about why PES failed - this article is a list of quotes on the subject. It has several useful links embedded as well.

Talking points about farm income impact can be found here.

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